Here We Go Again

really have to get the hang of this "regular update" thing.

We* went to London this past Saturday, photos can be seen over here on Facebook.** It was a really nice time, just walking around without any real goal. The only problem with that strategy is that more often than not you don't get past the first step. We spent pretty much the entire day simply walking who-knows-where. Actually, I do know where: Trafalgar Square, Soho/Chinatown, Picadilly Circus, and Oxford St.
* The French, the Italian, and I.
** It's a public link, so don't worry about needing any usernames, passwords, or a litre of chicken blood.

We did go to the National Gallery, however, and thank goodness for my 19th Century Art class last semester - my entire textbook was all over at least five rooms. It's always uplifting when you can go, "Oh that painting over there must be a Gainsborough, and that one is Millet. And look, there's a wall of Degas. Holy crap that's Van Gogh's Sunflowers." Good times.

I also got some calligraphy pens and a pot of gold ink. For, you know, when I write, and stuff.

At some point on the cusp of Sunday and Monday, I watched the Super Bowl with some Brits, and Bonnie.* They got really into it, and it was almost like watching it with Americans. It was worth staying up until 3:30 AM for, even though the Cardinals almost didn't not win.
* Who is, in fact, from Washington.


In other news, I have two weeks' worth of drawings to share with the world! Aren't you lucky? We had a standard life drawing on the 20th, and a costumed life drawing the 27th. MICA needs to do more costumed life drawing. It was so much fun, and so interesting. Makes a nice break from naked people.* All of the costumed poses were 10 minutes, except for the seated on in the middle, which was 25.
* Also, clothed sessions tend to attract the kind of models who would, if not for the taffeta ruffles and feather boas, make it very difficult to concentrate.


  1. Anonymous3/2/09 22:40

    You will always amaze me with your talent! My pride bursts every time.... Love you lots, Mom

  2. Anonymous4/2/09 02:34

    gold ink? for writing? coughtomecough

  3. i love the cartoony naked old lady. she looks like a disney villain. I have never thought i'd see a disney villain naked.

  4. She does remind me slightly of Yzma. Now that is scary.

  5. oh my god costume life drawing?! i am so jealous!