Animated Exeter

itting here on a Sunday afternoon munching a Cornish pasty and having some gelato stracciatella* I figured I'd write up a little post to let you all know that this past Friday, 13th Feb, I took a trip to Exeter for the Animation festival that is held there every year. It's a very small event, and there weren't any lectures that were interesting enough or at a convenient time to go to. It was nice just walking around and drawing Exeter - it's a very old town, and the architecture is molto interessante. Tudor houses from the 17th century, an ancient Roman road, and a stunning church that I unfortunately didn't get to go inside. One of the AIB films from last year won first prize - £500 - in the Best of the West competition, and I got a complementary DVD to send back to MICA. For a Friday the 13th it wasn't that bad. The screening was frought with technical issues, though. The photo album is here.
* Don't judge me, England's closer to Italy than New Jersey is... That's chocolate chip, by the way.

I don't have any art scanned/prepped for posting yet, but I will remedy that at the nearest opportunity. Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day! I spent mine giving a Brief History of Disney Animation (provided by YouTube) lecture until 3am. Good times.

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